Thursday, September 30, 2010

annyonghaseyo! part 1

hey fellas, i'm back to reality :)
last holiday i went to KOREA, its fun for me because i got a lot of friends :)
btw, in korea everyday i met KIMCHI in the restaurants and also SEAWEED. likey very much!
not only that in Korea everything seems different from Indonesia, in Korea most of the girls wearing boots and most of the boys wearing a fashion glasses which is like the Rayban brand.

just landed in Incheon Airport, and taking a picture of SNSD in one of the advertisement

anyway, this is one of a Korea food --> Ginseng Chicken Soup, i don't know how to spell in Korean language 
inside this chicken it contain rice and baby ginseng, yucks!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

i just found this photo, and when i open it i saw a photo of clarissa fulia, and i laugh loudly
no offense,


miniature daschund

hey fellas, i do love dogs because they're cute and lovely :)
this is my lovely cutie dog , named kimora. anyway, this name is not the real name of my dog, the real name is athena von celschosa. she's active, fat, spoiled, and cute, and LONG !


i like to dress up, but i'm not the expert one :)

jacket - zara, stripe tanktop - forever 21, jeans - unbranded

tanktop - unbranded, shirts - yuan, short and belt - yuan


what i do in biology class?

every time, not always, but for every meeting in biology class i have a task to see through microscope after that i have to sketch the picture tht i see in the microscope, it sucks!


anyway, i have received my photo class which is ..... i can't described it, so just see it

just for fun

anyway, i feel bored at home so i edited a picture of me and bcome lyke this


now I'm 16 years old, I hope that I can be more mature, fear the Lord, love of family and friends, and others.although I do not get a surprise or anything special on my birthday but unfortunately quite happy. I celebrated my birthday year with my friends and my boyfriend <3. This is a photo with my gossip girl :)
my gossip girl, where's thania?

shake it like a polaroid

here some of the sneak peek in my birthday party, in polaroid rule.


you can't buy love on eBay

buy and bought.

hey fellas, today i just went to grand indonesia and i bought some pairs of earrings and a bandana ( bando )
but the round one i already wore it HAHA


girl thing

hey fellas, anyway i like to collect some rings. i don't know why but i'm interested by collect some rings :)
here's my rings collection
and i just bought some f21 sunglasses :)